Meet Molly!

Meet Molly! She has got to be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and I have met a lot of dogs : ) Whenever I get to her house and let her out of her crate to prepare for our walk, she excitedly runs all around the living room and does this cute subtle cry and to me, that is a way of her showing excitement. When we pass someone on our walk or another dog, she does that same subtle cry until she meets them or in other words, gets pets from them or plays with them - LOL! To this day, I have never heard her bark - isn't that crazy?!? It's like she's too much of a sweetheart to let out a bark, so instead - she does this innocent cute little sound. Although the lizards she tries her hardest to catch on our hikes, probably wouldn't agree with me - I know everyone else (human or animal) definitely would : ) Love you, Molly!

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Meet Diego!


Meet Diego - AKA "KING" Diego - If you know him, you'll understand why LOL! I will be honest - Diego was pretty skeptical of me at first. But after just one walk with him - whenever I walk in the door, he starts jumping up and down with his little tail wagging everywhere because he knows that whenever he sees me, that means it is walk time : ) Every time I see Diego and his little smile - I am reminded why I started a dog walking business and it never gets old. Love you, King Diego! 

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Meet Jobie!


Meet Jobie! As you can see, this cutie pie LOVES to lounge on the grass and catch some rays. However, it wasn't always fun in the sun with Jobie. Jobie experiences fear and anxiety, like many rescue dog do. At the beginning of their relationship, Jobie attacked Kelsey, as he was feeling exremely territorial over his home. Though this experience may deter many dog walkers, it had the opposite effect for Kelsey. Beginning the very next week, Kelsey enlisted her trusted dog trainer Tanya, who facilitated regular training sessions with Jobie, his owner, and Kelsey. This went on for weeks until both Jobie and Kelsey were comfortable being alone together. We are now happy for report that we have the pleasure of walking Jobie every weekday - and, we look forward to seeing him everytime. We love you, Jobie! 

Jobie has recently passed due to cancer but we will keep his picture up because he is with us in spirit every time we are out walking his old neighborhood. Love you, Jobie and we know you are in doggy heaven playing with your brother Max <3

Meet Sarita!

Meet Sarita, fur baby of the Oscar-winning actress, Rita Moreno! Sarita was the first member of the SDLA family and is truly the pup that started it all! Sarita is extremely loving & playful - not to mention, a certified cutie pie! Just look at that little face! 

Meet Honey!

Meet Honey! If you can't already tell from her photo, Honey is a very, very happy doggy - especially when she is out on her daily walk. I swear - sometimes, it's as if she's walking herself because she is so well-behaved and unphased by everything. She just loves to be out and about! On top of that, she is beyond sweet - her mommy named her well. 

Meet Diva!

Meet Diva!! She is so outgoing, playful and SO sweet all at the same time. Her human daddy rescued her from a homeless man who couldn’t afford to care for her. 🙏🏽 We love her so much and are beyond grateful there are people like her dad that care so much for pups in need ❤️ We love you, Diva! 

Meet Bowie!

Meet Bowie! He is the newest member of the SDLA pack & other than his OBVIOUS show-stopping beauty, he is so loving and affectionate. Literally from DAY 1, he’s been attached to Kelsey, like she's his mom and we love EVERY second of it!  

Meet Bailey!


Bailey is 16 years old which makes him even more awesome & of course - wise :) He’s not as active as he wants to be, but he still LOVES walks just as much as his two younger siblings, Diva & Guinness!