Meet The Team!

Kelsey Keil is the owner & founder of Synergy Dogs LA. Before starting SDLA, she was heavily involved with various rescues and shelters, volunteering her time to help animals in need. In 2017, Kelsey traveled to Houston, Texas as a volunteer with Best Friend's Animal Society, to aid in the Hurricane Harvery relief efforts. In Houston, there were over 600 abandoned/lost dogs. Kelsey was fiercely committed to caring for these animals, hoping their owners would eventually locate them or they would be rehomed. This trip, while extremely heartbreaking, was the moment when Kelsey decided to make helping animals her life's work.

Follow Kelsey's journey as she continues to care for pups here at Synergy Dogs and begins to build her animal rescue initiative in Apia, Samoa. Kelsey's decision to start with Samoa hits close to home, as she is part Samoan and after a recent trip to visit her family - it became very clear that the animals on this island are in desperate need of help. (FYI - the dogs on the beach in the photo above are strays in Samoa.) $1 from every walk will go directly towards helping rescue dogs in need. 

 @kelseywkeil @synergydogsla @synergytransforms_samoa


Leslie Estrada has been working with animals (primarily cats and dogs) since 2013 and is working towards her dream of opening a rescue for senior dogs. Leslie has always had a special place in her heart for older pups and she knows that most senior dogs who end up in shelters are the last to get adopted, and often times spend the rest of their remaining years unhomed. It is safe to say, if Leslie gets the chance to care for your pup, he or she will be in the hands of someone who not only loves animals, but whose goal in life is to make sure that all dogs get the love, comfort, and happiness that they deserve. 


Rolando Sanchez was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA and currently resides in Westchester, CA with his beautiful wife, daughter, rescue dog, and cat (who is extra special to him, as she belonged to his dear friend that passed away). If you can't already tell, Rolando has a huge heart and truly loves all animals and cares for them as his own. On top of that, Rolando has tons of experience caring for pups. He has spent most of his life taking care of his family's dogs, then his sister's two dogs, and since has had a few of his own. Just this year, Rolando decided to professionally walk pups and we are so grateful that he did!  Rolando is patient, loving, caring and goes above and beyond each walk assigned to him - he will even run with your pup(s) if requested : )


Maddy Clancy has loved animals for as long as she can remember and we could not be happier to have Maddy as part of the SDLA team! Maddy is gentle, reliable, trustworthy and knows that the responsibility of caring for a dog, is no different than babysitting a child. If Maddy gets the chance to care for your fur baby, your pup will be in the hands of someone who not only loves to play, but also understands the importance of the love and patience needed when caring for animals. 


Paige Clancy runs Operations & Finance at SDLA, and there is no where else she would rather do it! Paige has three dogs of her own and spends her free time caring for them, as well as volunteering her time to help dogs in need. Though she is great with numbers, she has a very special place in her heart for all animals and who knows - maybe we will get her out and about walking dogs in the future! :) 

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