Meet The Team!




Rolando Sanchez was born and raised in Santa Monica, CA and currently resides in Westchester, CA with his beautiful wife, daughter, rescue dog, and cat (who is extra special to him, as she belonged to his dear friend that passed away). If you can't already tell, Rolando has a huge heart and truly loves all animals and cares for them as his own. On top of that, Rolando has tons of experience caring for pups. He has spent most of his life taking care of his family's dogs, then his sister's two dogs, and since has had a few of his own. Just this year, Rolando decided to professionally walk pups and we are so grateful that he did!  Rolando is patient, loving, caring and goes above and beyond each walk assigned to him - he will even run with your pup(s) if requested : )




Jasmine Zettell is a LA local and you can quite literally say jasmine was raised with animals, ranging from turtles to ducks to lizards and of course to dogs. And has grown an incredible passion for loving and caring for animals which led her to be a volunteer at an adoption and doggy daycare center where she gained experience in interacting and connecting with a variety of different dog breeds. Jasmine is gentle, reliable, trustworthy and treats every dog like they are her own. If jasmine gets a chance to care for your pup, you can rest easy knowing your puppy is in good hands.

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