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We are so excited to announce our new partnership with with Abeer/Abby at

No Bones About it Pet Care!


Abeer has over 6 years of experience working with a spectrum of dog temperaments, energy-levels, breeds, and ages. Her specialties include training puppies and what we in the industry call “leash-reactive” and/or fearful dogs. Whether your goal(s) for your dog(s) are off leash play, basic obedience, doggy/human socialization, etc. - you will not find a more committed, passionate, and knowledgable trainer than Abeer. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Abeer with the inital goal of making walks with the 3 of my dogs a bit more managable. I have a Chi/Terrier mix, Russel Terrier Mix, & Pittie mix - all different sizes and temperaments. After just a few sessions, the dynamic and energy between myself and the 3 of them has drastically changed! Not only while on walks, but also inside the house. While they used to lead our walks and become extremely reactive when other dogs or people passed by, they now look for me for guidanace and stay right beside me or behind me. Now that is what I call life-changing! Don't just take my word for it  - Check out more of Abeer's reviews below!


"Abeer is very knowledgeable and her commitment to a high level of service, along with her great skills with dogs has made her a reliable help to our family as we integrate our rescue dog." - Francesca H.

"Abeer has provided us with so much in the way of valuable information and observations. She is gentle and compassionate but firm, both with the dogs and their humans, a perfect combination" - Tracy N. 


Ready to move forward? Click here & scroll down to book your 1st session or email her at [email protected]

When booking be sure to let her know that Kelsey from Synergy Dogs LA sent you and you will receive $5 off your pups next walk with us :) 



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