If we aren’t having fun in the sun with your pup, we are doing everything we can to find homeless dogs their forever homes.

In 2016, Kelsey began volunteering with Animal Wellness Foundation, a rescue in Marina Del Rey, CA. This is where her passion for helping animals in need was ignited.

Kelsey has since traveled to Houston, Texas as a volunteer with Best Friend's Animal Society, to aid in the Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts. In Houston, there were over 600 abandoned and/or lost dogs. Kelsey, along with Best Friends, was fiercely committed to caring for these animals, hoping that their owners would eventually locate them or that they would be adopted by new owners.

Kelsey is now more moved and inspired than ever to do everything in her power to help dogs in need. She is committed to ending dog homelessness and making this endeavor her full time job. There is no greater joy for Kelsey than giving love to animals - whether they are searching for their forever home or if they already have one. 

For this reason, Kelsey started Synergy Dogs LA, a dog care business & non-profit rescue organization. In addition to caring for our clients’ pets, we work with rescues, shelters, and private owners/fosters (who need rehoming) to match adoptable dogs with their forever homes. The name comes from Kelsey's belief that if all animal lovers come together, collectively - we can find homes for every dog and end dog homeless for good. 

All for the pups!